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Silver Salmon

   As the busy king season comes to a close.   The first run of  Silver or Coho Salmon enter the river.  Silvers are fun for the whole family.  The methods used to catch silvers are endless which means fun for everyone.  Silvers are highflying fighters.  They can be a little finicky from time to time. But once you get into a school of them the action can be nonstop.  The run peaks mid August.  Consistent silver fishing continues until the end of September.  Your limit is two silvers and their delicious meat brings a welcome bounty to the table. Catching a limit of silvers is not uncommon if timing is correct.

Anchored Trolling
 Back Trolling
 Back Bouncing
Bobber Fishing 
 Spinner Fishing
Twitchin' Jigs'
 Fly Fishing (see below)

Fly Fishing For Silver Salmon