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Rainbow  Trout

Its no secret that Alaska is home to spectacular trout fishing. If you are in search of trout of epic proportions, this is it!   The resident trout of the Kenai are  the biggest baddest trout in the world. Hands down.  Not many rivers can boast the quantity of 30in trout lurking amongst its depths. Do you have what it takes to land one of these powerhouses?

 The reason for the size of these trout is due to the rivers nutrients.   The salmon lifecycle nourishes the river.  Giving the trout an almost infinite food source during the spawn.

 We target trout by matching the “Spawn” by using a mixture of flesh and egg patterns. This Proves to be the most effective target method. Be ready for consistent fishing action mixed with some epic scenery.

A fly rod is the weapon of choice and indicator fishing is our go to method.   This method is easy for beginners and skilled fisherman alike.  Gear up for your chance.

If you are more comfortable with a spinning rod we have those available as well.

Fly Fishing (Indicator)
 Spin Fishing (Dead Drift Bobber Fishing)